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Pasadena Digital Media Labs

Pasadena Digital Media Labs is the brain-child of composer, music-technologist, record label owner, photographer, author and designer Craig Anthony Perkins.

With extensive experience in music production, work as an educator and author in music technology and as a board-certified instructor at Rio Hondo College teaching Principles Of Digital Photography, Craig realized it was time to pool his resources together and open his own Educational Center.

Using a myriad of contacts in a variety of industries and his extensive creative and technical work with his main company, Genshi Media Group, Craig was able to gather some of the foremost experts in their respective fields to provide instruction on the courses at Pasadena Digital Media Labs, under the direction of Craig.

Craig also realized that there are similar (and more expensive!) educational centers in Hollywood, so the decision was made to locate PDMLabs in Pasadena California; for the local residents of the San Gabriel Valley who prefer not to fight traffic to get into Hollywood while providing easy access to Hollywood and Downtown L.A. residents who prefer an affordable alternative to what is currently available in their areas.

Further information coming soon regarding the location of PDMLabs.

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